EP1 – Be The Leader You’d Like To Follow

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In this episode I speak about why so many leaders give their power away and procrastinate; and how to step into owning your fullest potential as a leader.

“Leadership is always about something way greater and bigger than you.”

  • With leadership comes responsibility (00:44)
  • I am calling you forward (01:27)
  • This is a time when we get to work on getting out of our own way (03:10)
  • It doesn’t matter how big or small your audience is (05:52)
  • You carry the entire Universe within you (07:13)
  • Ask yourself: “Why do I care?” “What are the values I want to bring forward through my leadership?” (08:16)
  • How I was able to scale my business to 6 figures through getting clear on my WHY (09:43)
  • We get to ask ourselves “Leading – WHY?” (10:44)
  • Leadership is about something way greater and bigger than you (11:14)
  • Get started today with the way you lead yourself (12:48)

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