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Mexico Activation

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A 5 Day Sacred Retreat Experience

Bacalar, Mexico
18th - 22nd March 2024

Bacalar, Mexico | 18th - 22nd March 2024

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"I am HER", the version of me I can sense is coming, or was there all along…

"I am HER" and I yearn to let the world experience her.

- Sigrid Tasies

If you have landed in this page,
you are most likely feeling it.

You can feel like calling you to finally step into full embodiment and authentic self-expression, reclaim your feminine power and the potency of your gifts.

You know there is more to the TRUTH of you.

What started like a subtle awareness that there could be more freedom, love, abundance and unapologetic expression to be explored (in your life, relationships, leadership and even in your sexual life!), may now feel like a “ROAR” you cannot longer ignore. You cannot longer pretend you don’t know.

Reading these words could feel like a confirmation, a trigger or a playful invitation.

Regardless, this is an opportunity to claim what you know or dream is possible for you.

For generations, women have been traumatised into closing their bodies and hearts, and disconnecting from their intuition.
We’ve gotten used to thinking of this as normal, however this “normal” leaves women feeling uninspired, unfulfilled, hurt, disconnected and in fear of their true POWER.

Can you feel this? Your soul reminding you that it is FREEDOM you came here to experience.

The freedom to be yourself, to express yourself authentically, to unleash the potency of your gifts and legacy, to love passionately, play a lot, rest a lot and be free from all self-imposed limitations and old wounds.

The more liberated and at peace you feel, the easier it becomes to be, have and do more with a lot more EASE.
It is your birthright to live, love and lead from this embodiment.
And your body and mind are exhausted of doing it any other way.

Are you ready to reclaim
your true power and magic?

Are you ready to RECEIVE?

Join Sigrid Tasies, Embodiment and Feminine Leadership Master Coach and Facilitator, Author and Ceremonialist.

On this 5 day, 4 nights immersion retreat from March 18th to March 22nd of 2024, to deepen your Feminine Embodiment, integrate more of your power as a woman and leader, deepen your spiritual gifts and expand your capacity to RECEIVE.

Time to access your true power

Us strong women learn to be independent, go-getters and powerhouses, however oftentimes crave to be held, supported & loved in deeper ways… And sometimes just don’t know how to truly soften, and access more of our sensual & vulnerable nature while remaining strong and confident…

We also carry feminine wounds and sisterhood wounds that impact most areas of our lives, and keep us small.

It's time to EXPAND

It is our birthright, and it is what the world is calling for. To be in our feminine, to be in our power and unapologetic expression and to be in receivership, This Live MEXICO ACTIVATION will expand you into that and so much more.

What we will dive into

  • perception
    Embodiment Practices
  • breath (1)
  • dancing
    Somatic Movement and Dance
  • conversation
    1 on 1 time with Sigrid
  • chair (1)
    Hot seat coaching / spot support from Sigrid
  • spa
    Nervous-System Regulation Practices
  • neuron
    Experiential Sensory Practices
  • sound-waves
    Sound Healing
  • peace (2)
    WORKSHOP: Activating your Receivership
  • prehistoric-woman
    WORKSHOP: Ancestral Feminine Archetypes of Sensuality, Wealth, Fierceness, Softness, Nurturance...
  • brain (2)
    WORKSHOP: Befriending your Nervous System to Expand your Container
  • pure-water
    Elements Ceremony in Nature
  • aromatic-candle
    Indigenous Teachings with local aunties
  • rose
    Flowers Healing Ceremony
  • tobacco
    OPTIONAL: Sacred Tobacco Rapéh ceremony

... and many other surprises

Plus lots of space to rest, swim and rest by the turquoise Caribbean waters, and dive into enriching conversations while enjoying the paradise-like space the retreat is held at.

The investment for this retreat experience, includes:

It does NOT include:

You know...

  • There is more POTENCY to who you be and how you show up in this world (as a woman, leader, partner and or mother).
  • Your relationships would benefit from you softening, surrendering and feeling more free.
  • There is more ease, softness, connection and flow you can experience… And are ready to gift that to yourself.
  • Get to have more fun and lighten up!

You feel...

  • Called to deepen
    feminine embodiment!
  • Called to explore and connect
    with ancient (and grounded)
    spiritual practices and
    develop even deeper trust
    in your intuition.
  • Called to deepen your feminine embodiment!
  • Called to explore and connect with ancient (and grounded) spiritual practices and develop even deeper trust in your intuition.

You are...

  • Ready to reclaim more of your power and passion.
  • Ready to dive deeper into yourself and your healing journey.
  • Yearning to connect with more powerful, like-hearted women that just get it, instead of always being the one who holds space for all.
  • Really good at giving and being there for others, but fully receiving from others or from life itself, is still somewhat a stretch.
Is time for expansion. And you are calling in MORE - more magic, more abundance, more success with more spaciousness and ease; more beauty, more pleasure, more love!


Perhaps you are simply feeling the call to travel and to take some time for yourself, and go spend well-deserved time off in paradise, where everything is provided and you can relax, replenish, nourish yourself and have an expansive time connecting with other inspiring women!

Your 5 day 4 nights “I am HER” retreat will be held in a luxury beachfront eco-resort located in Bacalar, Mexico right by the hidden treasure known as “The lagoon of the 7 colours”.

Testimonials from past retreats

The investment

Prices are all inclusive and per person.

Flights are not included.
We recommend you flying to Chetumal Airport (CTM) which is only a short drive from our location.
Chetumal is only short internal flight away from Mexico City Airport or Cancun Airport.

Transfers can be arranged upon request from Chetumal Airport (CTM) or from accomodation in Bacalar.

There are currently no vaccination or COVID-19 testing requirements for entering Mexico.

Shared Room

You will share the room and bathroom with another woman
$ 3497 Full or 4x $987 USD Payment Plan
  • Beautiful room
  • Bathroom
  • King-size bed

Deluxe Package

$ 4997 Pay in full option only
  • Own private Luxe Suite
  • Right on the turquoise lagoon
  • King-size bed
  • Own Bathroom
  • Own private deck on the lagoon

Private Room

$ 4497 Full or 4x $1247 USD Payment Plan
  • Own Beautiful room
  • Own Bathroom
  • King-size bed
This is an intimate retreat with limited spaces.

This is NOT just a lush holiday; this is an activation that will TRANSFORM YOU and every area of your life, in depth.

We will go deep but we will do so in the beauty way. Through sweetness, gentleness, PLAY and feminine flow.

To APPLY now, fill in the application form and we will send you the booking information.

If you would like to jump on a call to ask questions and see if this IS for you, mention that in your application as well!

Sigrid Tasies

My name is Sigrid Tasies and I am an Embodiment Master Coach and Facilitator; a Medicine Woman, Speaker, Creatress of The HER Method, Author of the book “Intimacy Within”, Host of the top rated Podcast “Let HER Lead” and Humanitarian.

I walk as a Liberation Initiator supporting women to LIVE, LOVE and LEAD from deep embodiment, freedom, abundance and pleasure.

I support mission-driven visionaries, entrepreneurs, coaches and business owners to bring more depth to their legacy, live fuller lives and amplify their impact from the inside out, through embodying their deepest truth and alignment.

Through my private and group coaching programs, ceremonial retreats and live experiences, I am known for creating Initiation Containers where I support my clients and students to become the embodiment of their true essence and their mission, through doing the deep, inner-work.

I merge a wide variety of coaching and healing tools and modalities (with a big focus on somatic embodiment and healing), and I am known for bridging ancient wisdom and modern leadership with a non-bs, deeply compassionate approach.

Grandmother Alma Orozco

traditionally known as "Grandmother Xquenda"
Her Ancient Pathway

Alma is a traditional Mexican Medicine Doctor and Herbalist and a Traditional Medicine Ceremonialist. She is also the Founder and Director of the Intercultural Center “Meyahuel” which is dedicated to sharing the legacy of the original culture of “Anáhuac” and to generate projects of conservation, environmental education and cultural dissemination.

Leading traditional ceremonies such as Temazcal Ceremonies (traditional sweat lodges), “Moon Dance“, Traditional Cacao Ceremonies and many others internationally, she supports groups and individuals (specially women) to connect deeper with the Earth and the elements, and to deepen in their healing and spiritual journeys.

What Grandmother Alma Orozco shared with me

She once said to me (Sigrid) that “the medicine of Mexican Women is sweetness, and they heal, grow and get what they want through sweetness. This is why they do roses ceremonies, honey ceremonies and cacao ceremonies amongst others.”

This inspired me so deeply as learning how to move, create, relate and lead with sweetness and softness has been one of the most transformative things for me. This is why I invited her to share all these offerings at the retreat, and this is why I am so excited for you to experience this!

Words about Sigrid

Once you finish reading this paragraph,
close your eyes and take a deep breath

(not just yet, keep reading!)

Feel into what’s possible for you.
Either what you KNOW is possible, or what you WISH would be.

For at least 60 seconds, gift yourself the space to feel into this version of yourself, and the ripple effect that embodying HER would have in your life, your relationships, your leadership, your finances and even your sex life…

Allow yourself to feel this. See her.

She might be sweeter and softer, she might be more confident and fierce. She might just be slightly more free.

This version of yourself (“I am her”) is not foreign and far. It is within you, waiting for you to recognise her and give her permission to be expressed.

Will you do so?
The world is ready.

Close your eyes,
breathe and visualise this now...

18th - 22nd of March 2024

Terms & Conditions

1. All payments are final and all payment plans are a commitment to pay in full.

2. If you cancel due to COVID restrictions (meaning that your country’s borders are legally closed and you cannot travel to Bacalar, Mexico), your full payment will be transferred to a future retreat within 1 year of the scheduled retreat start date.

3. If you test positive for COVID prior to your arrival and have to cancel due to this reason, you will forfeit a deposit amount of $1900 USD of your booking; the rest will be transferred to a future retreat within 1 year of the scheduled retreat start date.

4. If you cancel due to any personal reason up to 30 days prior to the start date of the retreat, you will be eligible for a 50% transfer to a future retreat.

5. If you cancel for any personal reason after February 18th of 2024, you will forfeit the full amount.

6. If the retreat is cancelled by Sigrid Tasies due to COVID or any other reasons, your full payment will be transferred to a future retreat within 1 year of the scheduled retreat start date.

7. Once your reservation is officially confirmed, there will be no refunds nor transfers.