Kind words and testimonials

Preston Smiles.
Best-Selling Author, International Speaker, Master Coach.

Sigrid is a Powerhouse Coach and someone who’s deeply in integrity, and is so immersed in the work that she lives it at all times. Her way of being and loving and her way of understanding and waving between spirituality and the default world and connecting the two, is like no other. If you’re thinking about working with her, the answer is YES. This woman is the real deal.”

Alexi Panos.
Best-Selling Author, Master Coach, Philanthropist & Speaker.

“If you have a chance to work with Sigrid, do it. She is an incredible human being that is deeply, deeply in integrity with the work.
She is a powerhouse and deeply dropped in. She is like Mother Nature; such a safe and sacred space.
She is an extraordinary woman who is up to amazing things. I cannot wait to see what her work can do for you!

Emily Gallagher.
Founder of Conscious Boss, TEDx Speaker and Humanitarian.

Sigrid is one of these women that I aspire to be more like.
She is a powerful stand for all of us to embody more love in the world; to live a life that is truly full. She is truly an embodiment of the work.
If you are thinking about working with her I would absolutely recommend it. I could not stand by her work any more.”

1:1 Coaching

“I highly suggest working with Sigrid. She’s amazing and it’s been the best decision that I’ve made in my entrepreneurial career.”

Sigrid has been my coach and mentor for the past two years. We’ve been specifically focusing on leadership more recently, and I’ve been through her program Infinite Leadership, as well as working with her one-on-one.

What she really supports me with the most continually is reminding me of how important it is to take care of myself and to be in integrity with what I am sharing and teaching others.

She is that constant reminder to me that leadership starts within. Some of my impactful programs and creations have been birthed from working with her, so that I could be of service to the world.

Sigrid is like that fierce mother, that mama who gives it to you like it is and always has that sort of truth to hold you to your highest.

Gina Frances. Feminine Embodiment Guide

“Right now, I feel more myself than ever. Sigrid has helped me in so much safety and so much strength, and her femininity, her grace, and the way she’s connected to just herself and the planet. I feel truly seen.

I’ve come from a background of extreme addiction to external validation and living a life outside myself. So that’s really what I went to Sigrid for, to support me to break through that.
My biggest breakthrough is in the subtleties in my thinking. The feeling that I have within now and that heightened awareness about what I do, why I do it, and these subtleties in my thinking. It’s just making a dramatic positive effect on my life.
I also went to Sigrid to support me to heal my money story. Since working with Sigrid, I now have the highest amount of savings in my bank ever. The past six weeks, I have signed six aligned, amazing clients with just so much ease, it hasn’t felt like work at all! And she’s really supported me to tap and tune into my intuition and trust it.
It was a beautiful, beautiful, beautiful experience for me when I highly recommend it for all women and all female leaders. Sigrid, you’re amazing! Can’t wait for the next four months!”

Bek Antonucci. Emotional Wellbeing Coach for Women.

“She helped reprogram my survival hustle approach towards business and life and anchored it in the belief that life and business can be created with ease, grace and flow. I’ve seen the results of my business of working less yet bringing in more abundance.

Sigrid is the embodiment of integrity.
Not only was Sigrid compassionate, patient and understanding with me; she was an instrumental role in my healing path.
Any bit of overwhelming nervousness I’d try and default to, she’d have the antidote. I’ve had more expansiveness in my schedule for self care to heal my body and replenish. I highly recommend working with Sigrid, but know it isn’t work. It’s learning to tap into your self leadership to be an embodied leader to others, and that it gets to be easy through that.
Thank you Sigrid for your wisdom, your pure intentions to support others in their highest.”

Asher Erickson. Intuitive Guide and Energy Medicine Woman

“It’s been the most eye-opening experience for who I am, how I want to show up as a leader and really staying rooted in my integrity and my voice, and showing up fully expressed! It’s been an amazing journey and I can’t wait to continue working with her.

Working with Sigrid has completely changed my business altogether.
I remember starting from the beginning to where I am now, and I feel like a completely different human. I have more flow, I feel more confident. I really feel like I found my voice.”

Shay Frago. Hormone + Life Coach.

“There really are no words to describe what it’s like to work with her. However, what’s really important to know is that she holds the most incredible, sacred container for your growth to call you out on your shit, to not be a stand for any stories but to humbly and really beautifully in the most loving way, call you forward into what she sees which is the ultimate potential in you.

I was blessed beyond belief to have worked with Sigrid in a one-on-one mentorship.
I can’t even put into words how grateful I am to have had the opportunity to work with her and to experience what it’s really like to work with such a powerful mentor. Somebody who’s truly done the work, who’s seen the path and brailtrazed it into the possibility of other leaders and other people to also walk that path.
If you’re thinking of working with her, absolutely do it. Listen to that gut feeling and go ahead.
Right now, I’m a completely different person. I’m actually in remembrance of who I’ve always been and I’m living a completely different life, and I’m so grateful to have the guidance of Sigrid to be able to be where I am right now. Thanks, beautiful!”

Meg Mclachlan. Mentor for Visionaries

“Once I connected with Sigrid it’s like I saw the light. She just made everything click for me.

The time I’ve spent working with Sigrid has been without a doubt the most productive self work I have done thus far on my journey. I have done so many retreats and read several books, and continued to do on-going therapy and have worked with several other coaches, but the time that I spent working with Sigrid I learnt so much more about myself; she is a true ray of light in this world and an awesome listener. If you’re like me and like to be results focused and very driven, Sigrid is the perfect resource for you to reach out and work with.
I can’t emphasise it enough, the time that I’ve spent with Sigrid has been truly amazing, she is an absolute badass and has transformed my life 110%.”

Anna Cauffman. Marketing Manager at Fairmont Kea Lani, Maui

“I can only express my total gratitude for how Sigrid has guided and illuminated me and many of my shadows; giving me trust and helping me move forward. To me, Sigrid is the embodiment of unconditional love; she emanates confidence and safety and knows how to inspire you like no other!
I feel that she is the best coach I could have in this whole process and I have all my trust in her.”

Marta Martínez. Health Visitor and Mother.

“Sigrid was able to help me in five million ways and more, it was truly the best decision I’ve made in my life. Since I’ve been working with her 1:1 my business is soaring. I have reached and even exceeded all of my goals. It’s been a mixed of both the business work as the emotional healing and it’s truly been such a game changer for me.

I have been working with Sigrid for almost 5 months now – I started in her Self-Love Like A Boss Group Program which completely changed my life. It was so transformational in every way…
I had been doing a lot of work on myself but I was hitting this wall and I needed someone to help me. Sigrid was able to help me in five million ways and more, it was truly the best decision I’ve made in my life.
Since I’ve been working with her 1:1 my business is soaring, I have launched my first group coaching program; I have reached and even exceeded all of my goals. It’s been a mixed of both the business work as the emotional healing and it’s truly been such a game changer for me.
I highly recommend working with her. If you are considering it… Don’t even consider it, just DO IT!”

Gina Ciccaglione. Holistic Health Coach.

“Working with Sigrid in 2018 was such a milestone for me. Sigrid supported me through some really challenging personal times, giving me such helpful tools on how to truly self-love. “

Thank you so much Sigrid for your gentle and powerful way of reminding me that I am the boss of my own life!”

Katerina Marshall, Womb Yoga Teacher & Ceremony Facilitator. 

“You will not lose in Sigrid’s hands. I wouldn’t think twice if you are considering working with her.

What I love about Sigrid is that she is a true stand for people, she is willing to walk her talk and she loves to lead from a full space of congruence and integrity… And what more can you ask from a coach that is committed to your greatness, your leadership and your embodiment.

You will win when you are in her space and her containers. Sigrid is here to cause a huge ripple in the world through taking people through their darkest hours into their lightness, most genuine, heartfelt transformation and expression so that you can actually be the difference that you came here to be and impact all those that you are meant to serve.”

Michelle Jeovanny.
Master Coach, Keynote Speaker, Author and Investor.

“Sigrid blows me away. She is an incredible leader, and I just love the way that she continues to pour out for those she works closely with, and the way that she holds space for others and how she’s committed to her inner-growth and to impacting and influencing like a real leader should.

If you are looking for a leader that is not only full of ideas but actually integrates the work into her soul and shows up with action… Sigrid is your leader.

If you are considering working with her, make sure to commit with her today.”

Joel Brown
Founder of the world’s #1 Motivation Website “”, Coach, International Speaker 

Group Programs

“If you are in her field and really considering doing this course with her, I cannot recommend it enough. It’s going to be worth every penny! I would also suggest you take advantage while Sigrid is still available before she flies into the stratosphere, because she is one of those world leaders that will experience that and she’s not that far from getting to that place in my opinion.

I don’t think there’s enough time for me to record what went down in that container! It was such potent medicine and I had no idea I was going to go to those parts that I had no idea even existed.
My biggest breakthrough is in how I show up now, past the fear of being seen.
The way that I was pushed to my edges, brought up the very reason why I’m actually doing this – I had it in me, but I was making up excuses for myself.
I had my first high paying client after I really structured my business, because I learned how to express what I do to my clients.
Finally, I know that what I’m doing is not about myself and this is my medicine and I am really grounded in that right now. I am now showing up fully for my purpose and for my mission – and that is golden!”

Sedef Culha . Personal Freedom Coach.

“I created my second group coaching program; trippled my income, had my first 5 figure launch and I already have a waitlist for the next round.
This isn’t just your every day business course with strategies and go-mode but it was also so deep in the soul aspect.”

GINA FRANCES. Menstrual Wellness Mentor, Entrepreneur.

“I cannot recommend enough investing in working with Sigrid, she will provide the most supportive, safe and loving container for you to just absolutely flourish and blossom in. I’ve walked away with turning a dream into something that’s now real.

She took something that was a dream of mine, just a concept, and she helped me deeply anchor that into something that is now tangible, it’s now an actual creation.

And she does that through such a level of embodied wisdom. I’ve never met someone who stands for humanity in the way that Sigrid does, and that can’t help but impact the way you also create your business. Whether you’ve been in business for ten minutes or ten years, you’re going to walk away having learnt, known and embodied something very different simply through the way Sigrid is and the transmission that she is.”

Cassie McMillan. Spiritual Leader.

“I can only say a massive thank you to Sigrid for the way she holds the container and the space, the journey that she takes you through, she skillfully and adaptly merges the business and the personal side, as well as incredible network that we built up out of it – business network, mentorship and sisterhood. Incredible course, I cannot recommend it enough!

After having worked through this four-month period with Sigrid, I not only feel like I have now been informed of my skill set; I feel like I truly mastered it.
I’m in the zone, but over and above that, the personal development aspect of this course, – which I was expecting to come with this – has actually blown all of my expectations out of the water.
I feel like I am now a completely different person, and I realize with hindsight how critical it was for me to work through that personal and spiritual space in order for me to be the leader, the strong leader able to hold that space for my clients that they really need.”

Bronwyn Maccallum. Financial Life Coach.

“I cannot recommend working with Sigrid enough! She is absolutely incredible, one of the most embodied leaders I’ve ever come across, and I’m really, really grateful for the experience. This is the perfect course if you’re looking for an opportunity to really see how you’re getting in your own way and then get out of your own way, and really learn how to step into a place of abundance, flow and magnetism.

The tools and techniques, the wisdom and education that she shared with us that particularly helped me in moving my Facebook group into a paid membership platform, and also gaining one-on-one coaching clients working in areas that I had never even imagined before.
I feel like Sigrid could really see a part of me that I couldn’t fully see in myself at the time when I first started working with her. She has really helped me to step into owning my value, owning my worth and really seeing my truest potential, which is completely infinite.
Now I am in an amazing place of being able to truly acknowledge how I need to first serve myself, and then from that place I can best serve others.”

Lauren Elizabeth. Author, Coach, Movement and Meditation Facilitator.

“I can’t recommend this program enough, it has changed my life. It has changed my business in so many ways and helped me become more confident, confront my fears and insecurities, and helped me to find balance between my personal life and my business life.

I really recommend this program. If you are a business owner and you want to thrive, but you don’t know how to do it, if you need some guidance, if you need someone to push you and to be there for you, to make you accountable for and you just want to be surrounded by really amazing women that will help you to achieve your goals and dreams and not let yourself down, this is the best program you could ever go for. Sigrid is an amazing coach!
I was pushing too hard and I was burning out and then when I did, I focused too much on myself and I abandoned my business a little bit. Sigrid helped me to balance both worlds.
It’s just been an amazing journey, it’s been really intense, it’s been hard, but Sigrid has been there all the time to support me and my sisters from the group, which I’m really grateful to have met.
This is not gonna be the first program I do with her and definitely not the last one.”

Nathalie Arco. Founder and CEO of “Un Salto A Australia”.

“This course is incredible! It pushes you with your business, with your leadership, with yourself and with your connection with others. You gotta do it! You won’t regret it. It will push you, and it will make you not only a better leader, but a better person.

My highlights were actually taking aligned action, setting goals and making plans to actually achieve those goals. During the course, I was able to launch my first workshop, I closed my biggest client ever and right now I’m actually making business with one of the girls in the program.
Super happy with it, I couldn’t be more grateful to Sigrid, to the course, to the girls, to everything.
…If you’re thinking about joining, this is it. Thank you Sigrid!”

Estefanía Vallés . Entrepreneur.

“I recommend this program to anyone that is looking for a radically different way of showing up in self-care, inner-work, in life and in business. Highly, highly, highly, highly recommended.

It changed the way in which I show up in my business and in my life, and helped me manage my energy and expectations around that, and having a really honest conversation with myself as to where I was at.
I connected to some really deep parts of myself and I immediately started to notice the shift.
She gives you such amazing tools in a way that really grounds you and anchors you into alignment but then also takes care of yourself so that you have longevity in terms of how you show up in your business.
The tools she gave me and the practices I’ve been implementing have helped me to flourish and feel better and more confident, but also to have more fun.

Shay Frago. Hormone + Life Coach

“I cannot recommend this course enough to you. I’ve had such tremendous breakthroughs from this course.

Within each section, there are specific exercises that speak to that area of your life.
One of the biggest takeaways for me was boundaries and setting space for myself to honour and hold them. She gave me the inner courage to stick to my truth.
Another big win for me coming out of this work was to deconstruct a lot of limiting beliefs.
The collective momentum within the private Facebook community was another added bonus for me.

I can’t recommend this enough. If you’re feeling like you wanna make a drastic shift and you’re committed to showing up, doing the work and being a part of a social community to do so, this is the course for you. I can’t recommend Sigrid enough, and the years I’ve spent on one-on-one coaching with her have been astronomically beneficial to myself.

Anna Cauffman. Marketing Expert

“I highly recommended it to anyone looking at it. This course gave me permission to honour myself, my boundaries, my emotions, my physical and energetic needs… Really prioritize myself on all levels.

This was a very impactful experience for me. I got to look at self-care in a whole new way.
I want to be a leader and to be of service, and I realize that I can’t be the powerful and impactful person I want to be without really filling my cup.

Jessika Lum. Women’s Empowerment Coach

“I definitely recommend jumping on board with this course, Sigrid delivered amazing value, and you will love it.

I knew I needed to create a deeper practice than what I was doing because self-care is a lot more than we get told it is.
I got a whole range of tools and techniques to be able to create a really personalised self-care practice for myself and the support to be able to work through them.

Anna Dalgliesh. Founder of “The Autism Collective

“I would a hundred percent encourage you to try it out and experience it out yourself, because you’re not going to regret it.

She’s very, very wise and you will always take many things out of any session you would have with her. With this course, I was able to observe myself from all the different perspectives. I really learned how to set boundaries and how to prioritize and put myself first.
I decided to enroll into Self Care is The New Hustle with Sigrid because I already had a chance to work with her in the past and she’s super inspiring.
I now have a morning routine. One of the habits that I noticed is that I spend too much time on social media, so thanks to this routine, thanks to the course as well, I was able to distance myself from that and I’ve been practicing ever since.
Whatever you learn, it’s going to be useful for wherever you wanna go next.

Lorena Garcés.

“This program has allowed me to step up. I am truly grateful because I feel like I’ve grown so much. It’s been an amazing experience.

Throughout this program I was able to start tapping back into who I am and what I want to achieve in my life.
I loved that Sigrid asked me very thought-provoking questions that allowed me to step outside of my comfort zone in a way that I hadn’t done before. She created a very safe container. I felt so much support.”

Katie Laurie. Holistic Health Coach.

“I recommend everyone to do this program, it’s been the best decision I ever made.

The most amazing part about this program is the community that is formed, and the weekly calls that just give you so much motivation and support, I got so much out to it.”

Amy Ebinger. Yoga Teacher & Holistic Health Coach

” I have nothing but words of gratitude. Sigrid is an incredible professional.

I have felt tremendously comfortable and happy that I did this program. I understood that the same unconditional love and respect I give to my children, was the love that I needed to give myself.
I have become much more aware and I trust much more in the process, in life. Now when I have a challenge, I see it more as something I get to learn from. This has been amazing for me and my family.
If you are thinking and questioning whether this program is for you: it is! Do not hesitate. You will get a lot of value out of it.

Marta Martínez. Health Visitor and Mother.

“If you are not following through, sabotaging yourself or doing things that are not supporting your goals and the things you say you want, I think this would be an awesome program for you. Get on a call with Sigrid.

The most major results I’ve seen show up for me is in my relationships. Showing up for myself and creating healthy boundaries.

Sigrid is such an angel to have in your life. She gave me the tools and the perspectives and the guidance and really big perspective shifts.

I loved the community aspect of the program. Is really nice to know that you’re not alone and know how to deal with things when they do come up.

The weekly assignments help you re-wire your brain and break through your limiting beliefs.

I thought I didn’t need this program, but once I sat with it I realised that I could definitely be a lot nicer to myself and stop the self-sabotage.”

Camille. Holistic Health Coach.

“We all need this push. I is life changing.

Sigrid really held me accountable. She keeps it very realistic.
I was about to take on the biggest change of my life and I couldn’t have done it without this course.
As soon as I committed to this course, that in itself helped me push over the edge.
Sigrid brings up things in this course that I didn’t even know existed and affected me.
We all need this push.
It was amazing.
Her analogies are the most perfect way to explain something in a way that you can understand, relate to it and apply it.
I had a habit that was stopping me from so much in my life, and recognising it transformed everything.
She nails it when it comes to discovering exactly what you need and I am getting so much out of each day now.
It is life changing.”

Shayelle Lajoie. Wellness Influencer.

I wanted to change aspects of my life and didn’t know how to.

If you want to change something in your life, see things differently or get more out of it, Sigrid will help you do so. We should not wait for others to change so that we feel better. If WE change our environment changes too. This program has made my environment change. All areas of my life.
It is super positive. I have loved meeting all the women in the community and learnt so much from being around them too. The community is so beautiful. The union of the group creates the force!
I highly recommend this course. Sigrid is so loving and always has a smile to share.”

Monica Vallejo. Boutique Hotel Owner.

“This program will change your life.
I started this program because I struggled a lot to save any money.
Thanks to the tools that she gave us I could understand all the limiting beliefs that I had around money and all the shame that I was carrying, and I was able to change my money mindset from scarcity to abundance. Now I can proudly say I am finally being able to save money!!!
In this program you have the opportunity to meet incredible like-minded women.
Sigrid holds a safe space where you can talk about whatever you’re going through.
She receives you with so much love and wisdom and supports you so much.”

Vivian Ruth. Yoga Teacher.

“I found all the tools I needed to be able to support myself and found what was holding me back.

I joined the program to build my confidence around my business, men and how I felt in myself.
I learnt a lot, I found out a lot about myself. Emotionally and physically I am feeling so much better and I am holding myself stronger.
I grew a really strong with Sigrid and the other girls and I felt really supported. I found all the tools I needed to be able to support myself and found what was holding me back.
I recommend the program to anyone that needs a confidence boost; anyone that is feeling a bit lost on how to take their business or love life to the next level!
It was a great experience, I will be forever grateful. Thanks Sigrid!”

Olivia Mink. Tattoo Artist.

“My life has seen massive changes.

If you’re thinking about doing it and you’re really committed to your growth, I can’t recommend it enough.
It worked so well for me because her exercises and her method are really tangible and practical.
The accountability was really big for me.
Through it I was able to have a lot of growth that I didn’t expect. It really opened my perspective of self-love.
I’ve always been someone that thought not to have confidence issues, body issues or self-love issues, but with this program I uncovered pretty big things that I didn’t even know were living within me.
My life has seen massive changes.”

Sophie Heller. Yoga Teacher.

“This course is something that I was scared to bit the bullet with and invest in but I am really, really glad that I did. Sigrid has been incredible. I can’t recommend this course enough to other women who are dealing with limiting beliefs and self-doubt; confidence issues, money issues.

It’s been such a valuable tool to me. The modalities that Sigrid has taught are something that I can keep with me forever, and that will help me throughout my life.
I had a victim mindset and I was stuck in so many limiting beliefs that I didn’t even realised until I was working with Sigrid and she dug quite deep. I found that I could always resonate with Sigrid because she was always very authentic, very open, brutally honest when I needed and would call me out on things that I didn’t even see. She did it in such a supportive, nurturing and caring way and really guided me through a really challenging time in my life. And for that I am so grateful.
Sigrid created a safe space with amazing women who empowered me and inspired me and have been nothing but support and a constant flow of love to me.
I feel like I was meant to meet those people for a reason and it’s been magic to me.
Sigrid has taught me to take control of my life again and to realise that I am my own cheerleader and that I have my own back, and that the “I can’t” in my head is just a limiting story that has been holding me back.
I’ve been stretched to my limit some times, but some of these exercises that are meant to go deep, really work on the core and help you get rid of your problems.
She’s helped me realised that I can be the woman that I wanna be and that I have the power.
I’ve learnt to be kinder to myself and nurture my inner child and re-think the way that I speak to myself.
I have so much gratitude towards Sigrid. She is a true queen in what she does and she owns everything she does. she sticks to her values and is so authentic. she is very wise and sensitive yet so strong in the most beautiful way.. She is a true goddess.
I can’t recommend this course enough to other women who are dealing with limiting beliefs and self-doubt; confidence issues, money issues.
If you feel the pull to work with her JUST DO IT. You won’t regret it. Your eyes will open up to so much more.

I am so grateful to you Sigrid for all your love and support. You’ve really changed my life.”

Danielle Borody. Artist.