This 4 month program will help you bring your business vision forward, grow your influence and generate more income and powerful results with more ease. Step into your next level of leadership feeling aligned and empowered in your mission.

Preston Smiles
Author, International Speaker, Personal Freedom Coach

“Sigrid is a Powerhouse Coach. Her way of being and her way of understanding and waving between spirituality and the default world and connecting the two, is like no other. If you’re thinking about working with her, the answer is YES. This woman is the real deal.”

Alexi Panos
Best-Selling Author, Leadership Trainer, Philanthropist & Speaker

“If you have a chance to work with Sigrid, do it. She is incredible; a powerhouse and deeply dropped in. She is like Mother Nature; such a safe and sacred space. She is an extraordinary woman who is up to amazing things. I cannot wait to see what her work can do for you!”

Emily Gallagher
Founder of Conscious Boss, Podcast Host, Humanitarian

“Sigrid is one of these women that I aspire to be more like. She really is a powerful stand for all of us to embody more love in the world; to live a life that is truly full. She is truly an embodiment of the work.
If you are thinking about working with her I would absolutely recommend it. I could not stand by her work any more.”

  • You have a mission in your heart; a business, program, workshop, podcast or retreat you want to bring to life, but you feel lost or overwhelmed when thinking about the HOW.
    Big dreams without specific action steps can scare the sh*t out of anyone, I get it! This is where I let all my OCD qualities shine -for real- to help you get super clear about WHAT you need in order to bring your vision forward, HOW to do all of it and in what order, so that it becomes easy and graceful for you.
  • You are ready to shift all your money stories and start generating more wealth.
    Talking about “I am not worthy of it”, “No matter how much I earn I don’t seem to be able to save money”, “I gotta work hard for my money”, “I am not built to be a millionaire”, “Money corrupts”, “Spiritual people can’t be rich” “Rich isn’t conscious” and many other myths… It is time to work through that, babe. Being financially stressed is a disservice both to you and to all of those who don’t get to experience your magic because of it!
  • You know you are here to create a positive impact and yet you aren’t sure about how to attract your ideal clients and let people know WHAT it is that you do.
    The world needs to be able to find you and understand your gift before they can benefit from receiving your support! There is no other way around it!!!
  • You believe business should be FUN!
    And you are right! We all get into entrepreneurship looking for one thing —> more FREEDOM! And while the journey of the entrepreneur is always going to be challenging at times, you also get to make it fun and use it as vehicle for self-expression. Learn how to do business YOUR WAY.
  • You realise it is time to OWN your WORTH and CHARGE ACCORDINGLY, but the thought of rising your prices scares the f*** out of you!!!
    Oh sister, haven’t we all been there…? But enough is enough; and we’ve got you.
  • You understand the power of Social Media in today’s world, and yet you still don’t feel fully comfortable being seen online or don’t know how to grow your audience & engagement organically.
    It’s time to find your voice and show yourself to the world.
  • You are ready for more; more INCOME, more clients that EXCITE YOU, more FLEXIBILITY in your schedule, more FREEDOM… More success with more EASE! And yet your insecurities get the best of you at times, making you believe that it isn’t possible for you…
    But guess what? It not only IS possible but it is your birthright – so we put an end to all those limiting beliefs HERE!
  • You see and hear stories about people that manifest the things they want in life and business… and yet haven’t fully mastered that art yourself!
    You get to learn how to!
  • You desire to create or scale your conscious business under a new paradigm; business done in flow, in integrity and in collaboration. Business that is guided by the soul rather than the ego.
    Which is the only way of truly tapping into your infinite potential, because the ego is so limited!!! Learn to tap into and TRUST your intuition, to LISTEN to what is being asked of you by life. Organise your priorities and set boundaries to honour yourself and your business, and communicate them effectively to your clients, the people you hire and those whom you collaborate with. Learn how to start building community through collaboration and genuine engagement.
  • You know your dreams aren’t aligned with your actions, and you’re ready to take full responsibility for creating the life and business that you desire by stepping fully in.
  • You are interested in being able to tap into your higher-self and other guides for support and guidance.
  • You desire to have a deeper connection to your WHY – the motivations behind what you do, beyond money or success.
    A powerful connection to your WHY not only helps you speak your message powerfully, but it also helps you face any challenges and insecurities that get in your way to success. Once you’re anchored in your purpose, you are unstoppable!
  • Your business is already thriving, but you know there is that next level that can only be accessed by bringing depth to your BEINGNESS.
    You haven’t been able to push past your current ceiling financially and impact wise, and aren’t sure of why. We’re going to work out what’s at the core of all of it.
  • You are ready to learn how to truly RECEIVE in life and business, and work from that feminine space that ALLOWS more than CHASES.
    Clients, opportunities, money, relationships… this really applies to everything!
  • You are ready to step into a more powerful stage within your leadership; feeling more confident and secure and guiding people while feeling guided.
    Truly supported by yourself and a community of powerful conscious female leaders like you.
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“Sigrid was able to help me in five million ways and more; working with her is truly the best decision I’ve made in my life. Since I’ve been working with her 1 on 1 my business is soaring. I have reached and even exceeded all of my goals. Our work has been a mixed of both the business work as the emotional healing and it’s truly been such a game changer for me.
I highly recommend working with her. If you are considering it… Don’t even consider it, just DO IT!”

Gina Ciccaglione. Holistic Health Coach.

“Once I connected with Sigrid it’s like I saw the light. She just made everything click for me.

The time I’ve spent working with Sigrid has been without a doubt the most productive self work I have done thus far on my journey. I have done so many retreats and read several books, and continued to do on-going therapy and have worked with several other coaches, but the time that I spent working with Sigrid I learnt so much more about myself; she is a true ray of light in this world and an awesome listener. If you’re like me and like to be results focused and very driven, Sigrid is the perfect resource for you to reach out and work with.
I can’t emphasise it enough, the time that I’ve spent with Sigrid has been truly amazing, she is an absolute badass and has transformed my life 110%.”

Anna Cauffman. Marketing Manager at Fairmont Kea Lani, Maui

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Each module includes two parts: STRATEGY – where we focus on the technical aspects of your business + SOUL – where we focus on levelling up in business and leadership from an emotional, mental and spiritual approach.

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Your Guest Mentors and Healers

Best-Selling Author, Leadership Trainer, International Speaker, Philanthropist

Alexi has inspired hundreds of thousands of people to step into their personal greatness through her various multi-media, speaking and give-back platforms. Alexi built an extremely successful platform where she shares her transmissions of love and deep learning through inspirational videos, books, programs and workshops, and giving back through her non profit E.P.I.C.

She was named one of ORIGIN Magazine’s TOP 100 CREATIVES CHANGING THE WORLD, one of 15 WOMEN THAT WOW by Creativ Magazine, and one of the stars of breakout documentary’s THE ABUNDANCE FACTOR and RISE UP. She has also authored the books 50 Ways To Yay! and NOW OR NEVER (co-authored with her husband Preston Smiles!).

Best-Selling Author, Mindset Coach, Speaker, Serial Entrepreneur

Sunniva Holt is a Self Made Multi-Millionaire, Author of Two No.1 Best Selling Self Help books, Speaker & Mindset Coach. She is well known as Queen Fire, because of her unique gift to ignite people’s inner fire and help them truly REMEMBER who they are.

This manifests through private coaching, her life transformation online mastermind Life On Your Terms, the workshops she runs internationally, public speaking and the work she does with purpose-driven business to maximise wealth and impact.

Best-Selling Author, High-Performing Leaders Coach, International Speaker, Humanitarian

Jeffrey Slayter is known as a Researcher of Leadership, Self Awareness and its application to the high-performing leaders, having played the role of transformational coach for the last 18 years to over three million people from twelve different countries, exploring and studying a range of different transformational modalities.
He has shared the stage with other incredible thought leaders like Sir Richard Branson (founder of Virgin), Brian Tracy (world renowned motivational speaker and author), Dr. Demartini (star from the movie The Secret), Frank Kern (the highest paid direct response internet marketer in the world), Tim Ferriss (Author of Four Hour Work Week), Tony Robbins and many others.

Having likely coached one of the coaches you’ve engaged at some point along your entrepreneurial & leadership journey, Jeffrey Slayter has a level of mastery in facilitation in the areas of leadership and self- awareness.
An adventurist at heart, he is known as one of the most sought after mentors to take business leaders to the jungles to support them in seeking the answers to their deeper questions about life. Some of the world’s biggest game changers, executives, social entrepreneurs, internet marketers and consultants have reported that Jeffrey’s golden edge sharpens self awareness and leadership and integrates “purpose with profits” in a way that brings greater meaning and fulfilment to the work they are doing here in the world. Jeffrey feels called to support leaders helping them realize greater outcomes for their purpose, profits, people and the planet.

Entrepreneur, Business Coach, Humanitarian

Emily is a Ted X Speaker, humanitarian, global event & podcast host and a leader in the Conscious business movement. She is the founder of Business Coaching Company Conscious Boss, and is on a mission to help change the habits, patterns & behaviours of our global community, through consciousness, social entrepreneurship & collaboration.

Emily has hosted over 33 events across the world, in NZ, Australia, LA & London with thousands of attendees, and has shared the stage with powerful entrepreneurs such as Preston Smiles, Alexi Panos, Ruby Warrington, Sophie Chiche, Melissa Ambrosini, Peta Kelly and more.

Emily has been a featured expert in over 40 podcasts, as well as various TV, printed and online publications such as Goop, Boss Babe, Voyage LA, Next Magazine, Fashion Quarterly, Inspired Coach, Good Morning LaLa Land and more.

She is based between NZ & the US & is passionate about taking the Conscious Boss movement global & sharing the trends in all things conscious business, living & leading.

Conscious Entrepreneur, Business Coach and Lifestyle Designer, Thought Leader

After leaving school early Sam started his first business at 19 and dedicated his 20s to growing numerous businesses, only to realise the continual grind of the western world was not serving him. It was then when he referred back to his roots with a mother as an energy healer and a yoga master and a father who devoted his life to Truth and Meditation. Sam dove deep into self-enquiry and decided to move to a small island in the South Pacific called Vanuatu.

Now he runs his main company in Australia and New Zealand from abroad and spends his time on the island dedicated to his spiritual practice, coaching manifestation and offering spiritual guidance as well as running retreats and diving in permaculture on his property.

Irresistible Tribe Founder, Activator, Transformational Mentor

Maja combines her multidimensional work of sharing Light Language, code activations and frequency holding with her grounded presence and merges them into tools that support you on your journey of meeting your true essence and creating your life from that space.

With her work, Maja connects to your field and allows herself to be guided by the energetic information she reads while working with you. Light Language and code activation are ancient source code technologies that bypass the mind and ‘unlock’ the part of you that remembers your essence, your purpose and the path to embody them fully. She holds a high frequency container where you align with that remembrance and start integrating it into your everyday life in an amplified way.

EFT Healer, Iridologist, Fashion Business Owner

Teddi is a healer specialised in Emotional Freedom Technique ( EFT / tapping ) and Iridology, working with women to help them in feeling amazing within themselves; supporting them on an emotional healing journey that results in more self-love and self-confidence, thanks to using powerful techniques to create a life they love.

Serial Entrepreneur, Mystic, Author, Investor and Speaker

Michelle Jeovanny is on a mission to teach women how to create their dream empire, a life that has everything they want from love, purpose, impact, service, connection, joy, success… So much success but THEIR version of success.

Over the last 15 years she has gone from nothing to a serial entrepreneur on a mission to unleash greatness everywhere she go. She went from running away from an abusive situation as a teen to another country and being homeless in the streets of New York to becoming a serial entrepreneur, building multiple successful businesses in transformation and personal development as a spiritual business mentor and facilitator of transformational trainings, as well as in real estate, a supply business, and an online fashion and accessories store. She is a content creator, filmmaker, and travels the world as a global speaker. Michelle is a certified life and business coach, as well as a certified transformational trainer. She is also the author of 108 Self Love Rituals.

Michelle believes no dream is too big to conquer. Our desire to serve, persevere and thrive will always transform any circumstance into a greatest story of triumph and glory.. all we get to do is believe and open our hearts to service.

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2020 Dates TBC

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