This program is for the conscious female entrepreneur ready to let go of the need to “Hustle”, “Compete” and “Stress”, and grow her business with more clarity and confidence, freedom and support than ever.

Throughout the program you will uncover and resolve the emotional, mental and energetic blocks that are getting in your way, as well as the strategies and tools that will support you in taking your leadership and business to the next level.

This is for you If..

You have a mission in your heart; a business, program, workshop, podcast or retreat you want to bring to life, but you feel lost or overwhelmed when thinking about the HOW.

Big dreams without specific action steps can scare the sh*t out of anyone, I get it! This is where I let all my OCD qualities shine -for real- to help you get super clear about WHAT you need in order to bring your vision forward, HOW to do all of it and in what order, so that it becomes easy and graceful for you.

You are ready to shift all your money stories and start generating more wealth.

Talking about “I am not worthy of it”, “No matter how much I earn I don’t seem to be able to save money”, “I gotta work hard for my money”, “I am not built to be a millionaire”, “Money corrupts”, “Spiritual people can’t be rich” “Rich isn’t conscious” and many other myths… It is time to work through that, babe. Being financially stressed is a disservice both to you and to all of those who don’t get to experience your magic because of it!

You know you are here to create a positive impact and yet you aren’t sure about how to attract your ideal clients and let people know WHAT it is that you do.

The world needs to be able to find you and understand your gift before they can benefit from receiving your support! There is no other way around it!!!

You believe business should be FUN!

And you are right! We all get into entrepreneurship looking for one thing —> more FREEDOM! And while the journey of the entrepreneur is always going to be challenging at times, you also get to make it fun and use it as vehicle for self-expression. Learn how to do business YOUR WAY.

You realise it is time to OWN your WORTH and CHARGE ACCORDINGLY, but the thought of rising your prices scares the f*** out of you!!!

Oh sister, haven’t we all been there…? But enough is enough; and we’ve got you.

You understand the power of Social Media in today’s world, and yet you still don’t feel fully comfortable being seen online or don’t know how to grow your audience & engagement organically.

It’s time to find your voice and show yourself to the world.

You are ready for more; more INCOME, more clients that EXCITE YOU, more FLEXIBILITY in your schedule, more FREEDOM… More success with more EASE! And yet your insecurities get the best of you at times, making you believe that it isn’t possible for you…

But guess what? It not only IS possible but it is your birthright – so we put an end to all those limiting beliefs HERE!

You see and hear stories about people that manifest the things they want in life and business… and yet haven’t fully mastered that art yourself!

You get to learn how to!

You desire to create or scale your conscious business under a new paradigm; business done in flow, in integrity and in collaboration. Business that is guided by the soul rather than the ego.

Which is the only way of truly tapping into your infinite potential, because the ego is so limited!!! Learn to tap into and TRUST your intuition, to LISTEN to what is being asked of you by life. Organise your priorities and set boundaries to honour yourself and your business, and communicate them effectively to your clients, the people you hire and those whom you collaborate with. Learn how to start building community through collaboration and genuine engagement.

You know your dreams aren’t aligned with your actions, and you’re ready to take full responsibility for creating the life and business that you desire by stepping fully in.

You are interested in being able to tap into your higher-self and other guides for support and guidance.

You desire to have a deeper connection to your WHY – the motivations behind what you do, beyond money or success.

A powerful connection to your WHY not only helps you speak your message powerfully, but it also helps you face any challenges and insecurities that get in your way to success. Once you’re anchored in your purpose, you are unstoppable!

Your business is already thriving, but you know there is that next level that can only be accessed by bringing depth to your BEINGNESS.

You haven’t been able to push past your current ceiling financially and impact wise, and aren’t sure of why. We’re going to work out what’s at the core of all of it.

You are ready to learn how to truly RECEIVE in life and business, and work from that feminine space that ALLOWS more than CHASES.

Clients, opportunities, money, relationships… this really applies to everything!

You are ready to step into a more powerful stage within your leadership; feeling more confident and secure and guiding people while feeling guided.

Truly supported by yourself and a community of powerful conscious female leaders like you.



Menstrual Wellness Mentor, Entrepreneur

“I created my second group coaching program; trippled my income, had my first 5 figure launch and I already have a waitlist for the next round.
This isn’t just your every day business course with strategies and go-mode but it was also so deep in the soul aspect.”

Sedef Culha

Personal Freedom Coach

“If you are in her field and really considering doing this course with her, I cannot recommend it enough. It’s going to be worth every penny! I would also suggest you take advantage while Sigrid is still available before she flies into the stratosphere, because she is one of those world leaders that will experience that and she’s not that far from getting to that place in my opinion.”

Cassie McMillan

Spiritual Leader

“I cannot recommend enough investing in working with Sigrid, she will provide the most supportive, safe and loving container for you to just absolutely flourish and blossom in. I’ve walked away with turning a dream into something that’s now real.”

Bronwyn Maccallum

Financial Life Coach

“I can only say a massive thank you to Sigrid for the way she holds the container and the space, the journey that she takes you through, she skillfully and adaptly merges the business and the personal side, as well as incredible network that we built up out of it – business network, mentorship and sisterhood. Incredible course, I cannot recommend it enough!”

Lauren Elizabeth

Author, Coach, Movement and Meditation Facilitator

“I cannot recommend working with Sigrid enough! She is absolutely incredible, one of the most embodied leaders I’ve ever come across, and I’m really, really grateful for the experience. This is the perfect course if you’re looking for an opportunity to really see how you’re getting in your own way and then get out of your own way, and really learn how to step into a place of abundance, flow and magnetism.”

Preston Smiles

Author, International Speaker, Personal Freedom Coach

“Sigrid is a Powerhouse Coach. Her way of being and her way of understanding and waving between spirituality and the default world is like no other.”

Alexi Panos

Best-Selling Author, Leadership Trainer, Philanthropist & Speaker

“If you have a chance to work with Sigrid, do it. She is incredible and such a safe space; a powerhouse and deeply dropped in.”

Emily Gallagher

Founder of Conscious Boss, Podcast Host, Humanitarian

“Sigrid is one of these women that I aspire to be more like. She really is a powerful stand for all of us to embody more love in the world..


Each module includes two parts: STRATEGY – where we focus on the technical aspects of your business + SOUL – where we focus on levelling up in business and leadership from an emotional, mental and spiritual approach.



Get clear on your vision; who you want to work with and how to speak directly to them.



Create your aligned, committed action plan; get clear on what’s currently getting in your way and what specific steps to take to create what you desire + be held accountable!



Transform your mindset around money and owning what you desire to charge for your services, get crystal clear on where you are at with your finances and re-define what’s possible for you through accessing new ways of abundance.



Attracting vs Hunting. Inviting vs Chasing. Once clear action is in place (masculine) our feminine gets to rest in the ability to powerfully manifest with more ease what we desire.



Connect in full depth to your WHY and learn to take full ownership of your gifts and your mission. Learn to be in integrity with yourself, your business and those around you by honouring your needs and setting professional, personal and energetic boundaries like never before.



Tap into the most expressed version of yourself as a leader; move through your fears of being seen and the “copy cat” games, and learn how to grow your audience and engagement online and offline while doing leadership and business YOUR WAY.



Learn how to build Community and Authority and create genuine Connections with like-minded people & ideal clients. Learn how to attract powerful collaborations in your business and move through the old-paradigm of competition and scarcity into a new reality of collaborative leadership.



Learn to tap into your intuition and connect to your higher-self, guides and ancestors for guidance. Learn to trust the wise leader in you and stand in your more powerful, fierce space.


Entrepreneur, Owner of “Un Salto A Australia”

“I can’t recommend this program enough, it has changed my life. It has changed my business in so many ways and helped me become more confident, confront my fears and insecurities, and helped me to find balance between my personal life and my business life.”


Entrepreneur, Graphic Designer & Humanitarian

“This course is incredible! It pushes you with your business, with your leadership, with yourself and with your connection with others. You gotta do it! You won’t regret it. It will push you, and it will make you not only a better leader, but a better person.
My highlights were actually taking aligned action, setting goals and making plans to actually achieve those goals.”

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  • Personalised stretches tailored to your needs and desires
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This 4 month program will transform your life and leadership and your business. If your application is approved, we will be in touch to arrange a FREE DISCOVERY CALL and decide whether this program is the best fit for you!

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