EP4 – Community & Play VS “The Solo Hustle”

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In this episode I am joined by my friend Emily Gallagher, who I had the pleasure to have as a Business Coach. Emily is the founder of Conscious Boss and an absolute badass at community building (amongst so many other things!). In this episode we talk about her journey from experiencing burn out to realising the importance of introducing more FUN and PLAY into her life; the WHY and HOW to powerful collaborations and community building, as well as why listening to your intuition beyond your intellect can be the smartest thing to do in your life and business.


  • Emily’s journey to realise the importance of bringing play and fun into her business & everyday life (after experiencing burn out!) (03:13)
  • Emily shares her biggest mistake and biggest lesson from her journey as an entrepreneur (07:31)
  • Why collaboration and building community are so important (10:53)
  • If you are craving a community that doesn’t exist, CREATE IT (15:30)
  • Showing up for your business and ideals even when you don’t see instant results (19:27)
  • Listening to your intuition beyond your intellect (22:09)
  • Taking the first step even if you can’t yet see the next step (24:30)
  • What will happen in the world when more women step into positions of successful entrepreneurship and leadership (26:18)
  • How to find Emily and work with her (30:20)
  • What makes leadership sacred? (33:33)

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  • Infinite Leadership Program with Sigrid:

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  • Instagram: @consciousboss
  • Facebook: @consciousboss
  • Website: www.emilygallagher.com